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Trimethylolpropane Ethoxylate Triacrylate


Item Index
Appearance Transparent liquid
Density  g/cm3 1.1±0.1 g/cm3
Water content ≤0.15
Ester content ≤95
Vapor Density
Viscosity cps/25%゚C 45-80
Color and luster (Pt-Co) ≤35-40
Acidity mgKOH/g ≤0.5
Plymerization inhibitor MEHQppm 180-350

Packing & Storage

Storage Store in a cool place. Keep the container airtight and store in a dry and ventilated place. The opened container must be carefully resealed and kept in a vertical position to prevent leakage.Sensitive to light and heat sensitive.
Shipping Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Trimethylolpropane Ethoxylate Triacrylate?

A: Trimethylolpropane Ethoxylate Triacrylate, also known as dilute acid ester, is an organic compound formed by crosslinking trimethylolpropane with triacrylic acid. They are an important raw material for organic synthesis and are used to prepare a variety of polymer materials, such as porous air purifiers, antibacterial and antifungal agents, and nonionic surfactants. At the same time, it is also widely used in the fields of emulsification, antibacterial and oxidizing agents.

Q: How to synthesize Trimethylolpropane Ethoxylate Triacrylate?

A: The synthesis of Trimethylolpropane Ethoxylate Triacrylate is mainly obtained by various scientific and technological methods such as oxidation, polymerization, organic synthesis and nanomaterial synthesis. From the point of view of oxidation, the oxidized vinyl ester reaction is to oxidize the hydroxyl-activated vinyl ester and saturated fatty acid according to certain conditions, thereby synthesizing the oxidized dilute ester.

Q: The Applications of Trimethylolpropane Ethoxylate Triacrylate?

A: Used as monomer or reactive diluent for radiation curing or photocuring. It is an improved product of trimethylolpropane triacrylate (TMPTA for short). From the perspective of polymers, the two have similar polymerization activities, but the extension of the non-polar carbon chain makes ETPTA less viscous and shrinkage than TMPTA, and stronger flexibility and adhesion; from a synthetic point of view, The ETPTA system is weaker in hydrophilicity than the TMPTA system, with less water consumption, low energy consumption, less waste water, and the product has a low acid value and is less irritating to the human body.

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