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Acrylic Emulsion


Item Index
Appearance Milky white low viscosity liquid
Density  g/cm3 1.12
Boiling point(760mmHg)℃ N/A
Flash point ℃ N/A
Product standard:
Hydroxyl value mgKOH/g 570±20
Metal ion content ppm ≦10
Viscosity 50~500MPa·s,
Solid Content (150℃, 20min)  49%~51%
Glass transition temperature 20℃,
Minimum film-forming temperature 20℃
PH value 8~9

Packing & Storage

Packing Large packaging 200kg per barrel, small packaging 2.5-25kg barrel.
Storage In a cool and dry place, storage stability, no significant sedimentation for three months at 5-40°C
Shipping Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere

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Phil Chemical Co.,Limited now has become the diversified large-scale trans-regional and multi-industry enterprise group, primarily engaged in supplying of raw materials for coatings, supplemented by such chemical products as Arylic acid monomers and acrylic ester together with epoxypropane and other related industry simutaneously.

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic emulsion is milky white or nearly transparent viscous liquid. Acrylic emulsion is an emulsion formed by the copolymerization of pure acrylic monomers. It is a small particle size, multi-purpose, and excellent performance emulsion. It is suitable for a variety of coating formulations and has outstanding water resistance and weather resistance, especially Excellent performance in high-gloss and semi-gloss paints. Acrylic emulsion has good water resistance, alkali resistance and stain resistance, and has good adhesion to masonry, wood and steel surfaces. It can not only prepare flat, semi-gloss and high-gloss latex paint, but also prepare high-quality Finishing coatings for floors, concrete tiles and tennis courts. The pH value (25°C) is 8~9, the viscosity is 50~500mPa·s, the solid content (150°C, 20min) is 49%~51%, anionic, the glass transition temperature is 20°C, and the minimum film-forming temperature is 20°C.

The main uses of acrylic acid:
1.Acrylic emulsion is a kind of fine particle size acrylic emulsion, which is suitable for a variety of paint formulations, and the paint formulated with it has weather resistance.

2. It has good stain resistance and wear resistance, can be irradiated, and has good adhesion to the surface of masonry, wood and steel. It has good alkali resistance and can be used to prepare a wide range of coatings.

3. It can prepare high-gloss, semi-gloss and matt latex paints, and can prepare high-quality coatings for floors, cement roof tiles and tennis courts. Because it can be applied to different types of paints, paint manufacturers can only use them as latex paints Binder.


The best use period of acrylic emulsion is six months. It needs to be stirred well before use. If it is left for a long time, there will be sediment at the bottom of the packaging barrel. After stirring well, the effect will not be affected. The goods must be sealed and stored indoors. The room temperature should be at 5 ~35°C, and avoid sun and rain.
The difference between styrene-acrylic emulsion and acrylic emulsion
Styrene-acrylic emulsion is made by mixing styrene and acrylic ester. In terms of price, because the raw materials are different, the price of acrylic emulsion is higher than that of styrene-acrylic emulsion. Styrene-acrylic emulsion is used in terms of function, while acrylic emulsion is transparent or milky white with a little blue viscous liquid. Different colors are due to different production processes of manufacturers. The particle size is fine, high gloss, excellent Accept temperature and sunlight performance… The water resistance and alkali resistance of styrene-acrylic emulsion are slightly better than that of acrylic emulsion, and the anti-aging property of acrylic emulsion is stronger.
Styrene-acrylic emulsion uses styrene (SM) and butyl acrylate (BA) as the main raw materials, and the content of the two is about 24%. Pure acrylic emulsion uses methacrylic acid (MMA) and butyl acrylate (BA) as the main raw materials, and the content of the two is about 24%.

The acrylic emulsion produced by our company is a product made of acrylic resin and other organic raw materials, with stable quality and reliable performance. This product is one of the main components of insulating coating, suitable for all kinds of non-oriented silicon steel production lines, and used by major silicon steel production enterprises.

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