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Butyl Acrylate

Butyl acrylate


Specification of Butyl acrylate:
Item Index
Appearance Clear, colorless, volatile liquid
Density  g/cm3 0.8956
Freezing point  ℃ -64.6
Boiling point(760mmHg)℃ 145.7
Viscosity cp (20 ℃) 0.856
Flash point ℃ 38(close cup)/43(open cup)
Explosion point with air vo1% Floor limit 1
vo1% Superior limit 10
Product Standard:
Item Index
Color(APHA) ≤10(Bulk) ≤20(Drum)
Purity%(WT) ≥99.5
Water%(WT) ≤0.05
Free acidity %(WT) ≤0.01
Inhibitor ppm(WT) ≤50±5

Packing & Storage

Packing 200L plastic drums, ISO tanks or Bulk
Storage Keep cool and dry; keep away from fire and heat; handle with care; avoid breakage and leakage.
Shipping Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Butyl Acrylate?

Comment on the solubility of benzoic acid in water

Benzoic acid is not very soluble in water. However, the solubility of this compound in water increases when the temperature is increased (as is the case with most compounds). At a temperature of 0°C, the solubility of benzoic acid in water corresponds to 1.7 grams per litre. When heated to 100 °C, the solubility of this compound in water increases to 56.31 grams per litre.

Why are all aminoacids weaker acids than benzoic acid ?

Ans: Amino group shows +R effect and a weak I effect. Since, -NH₂ group is basic while -COOH group is acidic, therefore, o-aminobenzoic acid undergoes zwitterion formation formation via H bonding. As a result, ortho-effect is reduced to such an extent that o-aminobenzoic acid becomes a weaker acid than benzoic acid and even weaker acid than m-aminobenzoic acid. In fact, due to strong +R -effect, all aminoacids are weaker acids than benzoic acid.To learn more about this compound and other aromatic compounds, such as pyridine, register with BYJU’S and download the mobile application on your smartphone.

How is Butyl Acrylate stored and distributed?

A chemical stockist would have a bulk petrochemical storage facility to maintain the product.  Storage is normally in a cool, dry and well ventilated facility away from oxidising agents.  Butyl acrylate should be kept out of direct sunlight, heat and open flames.  Solvents such as butyl acrylate should be stored in drummed containers such as isotanks made of stainless steel, aluminium or carbon steel.
A bulk solvent exporter would normally distribute this solvent in bulk vessels or tank trucks.  For transportation purposes, the product is classed as a flammable liquid with a fire hazard rating of 2.  A full bulk chemical distributor would export the solvent throughout regions such as the UK, Europe, Africa and America.  This product is a packing group

What is Butyl Acrylate used for?


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